Why do I need a CellNock®?

CellNock® perfect for anyone’s home or business. It easily replaces your old peep hole, or you can simply install it on any front door or even on an entry wall in place of a doorbell. Once installed you can receive alerts on your smart phone or tablet when a visitor is at your door. (WiFi internet connection required)

How do I install the CellNock®?

CellNock® includes mounting hardware for a door or wall, so all you have to do is remove your old peep hole or doorbell and replace it with the CellNock®.

Can I install the CellNock® outside?

The CellNock® is weatherproof.

How is the CellNock® powered?

The CellNock® “Wireless” unit has a built-in rechargeable 5000mAh lithium battery with a USB charging port and includes an AC power adapter for charging. Under normal use the battery will power the CellNock® up to 2 months on a full charge. The unit can be charged while mounted if there is an outlet in close proximity.

How do I talk to visitors?

CellNock® is activated when a visitor presses the call button on the device just like a doorbell. You will be able to accept or reject the call from your smart phone, tablet, or computer. You can see and talk to them, but they can not see you. You can also just monitor your visitor with the video camera. You do not need to be home to receive alerts or communicate with visitors. (WiFi internet connection required)

When can I get a CellNock®?

CellNock® is available for purchase now, and the first orders will be shipped in the first week of January 2018